Erasmus / Sokrates

We have an Erasmus/Sokrates agreement with the University of Skövde. If you are interested to pursue your studies in Sweden, you can apply using an online form of the International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt - AAA).

Please note that we only accept applications from students studying the course Systems Engineering (Bachelor or Master), and if further grants are available also Wirtschaftsinformatik (Bachelor or Master).


Currently the following rules apply to the Erasmus agreement with the University of Skövde. The online application at the International Office has to be submitted until 31st January each year (hard deadline). The application comprises several documents, including:

  1. A brief summary why you want to study at the respective university.
  2. A copy of the credits you have achieved so far in your study.

The application form will available online in December 2016 and will be linked from here.

All the applications are assessed with regard to the state and quality of your studies with respect to the syllabus of Applied Computer Science or Business Computing (exceptions are possible).

The procedure for the selected candidate is the following:

  1. You apply for an erasmus grant using the application form of the International Office linked above.
  2. A selection of applicants is chosen by the erasmus coordinator for nomination at the foreign university. It might be necessary to hand in further information or have a short talk with the erasmus coordniator. You are informed about your nomination or the rejection of your application.
  3. The International Office nominates you at the foreign university and informs you about the acceptance or rejection.
  4. Further actions, e.g. regarding accommodation, are performed by the International Office and the candidate.

During the application, it is mandatory to create and sign a Learning Agreement with the Prüfungsausschuss and make it known to the International Office.

If you have any questions please contact Michael Goedicke.